Thursday, September 29, 2011

custom order for Heather

This custom order was created for Heather.  She chose the scallop fold over clutch design in a rich autumn gold dupioni silk and adorned each clutch with an ivory blossom brooch.  The clutches are lined in a coordinating floral cotton print and each has a silk name tag in ivory with the girls first and middle names and the wedding date.

Friday, September 23, 2011

custom order for Perla

This order was created for Perla.  She chose a set of five pleated kisslock clasp clutches in silver dupioni silk.  Each clutch has a navy dupioni silk handmade flower brooch with a rhinestone accent.  The linings were done in a bright floral cotton print and each purse had a personalized silk tag inside.  Hope you enjoy these, Perla!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

custom order for Shelley

This custom order was created for Shelley.  She had two clutches made up, each a different design with a different coloured blossom brooch.  The clutches were lined in complimentary cotton prints and had a name, message and date of the wedding inside.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

custom order for Emily

This custom order was created for Emily.  She chose the scallop clutch design in silver dupioni silk.  Six were for her bridesmaids with black cherry dupioni silk blossom brooches and two for her maids of honour with sky blue dupioni silk blossom brooches.  A variety of cotton prints were used to line the insides of the clutches and each had a monogram with the wedding date inside.  Hope you enjoy these Emily!

cake bar

I love this idea!  These photos are from Project Wedding featuring a vintage cake topper spread 
The cakes can be designed in your wedding colours and enlisting family and friends to bake them can really save on costs.  And for the DIY bride, I think their home-made charm could really add a heartfelt sweetness to the dessert table.  Look for vintage cake toppers and stands online on Ebay or Etsy, garage sale, estate sales and thrift stores.

custom order for Jessica

This custom order was created for Jessica.  She chose three clutches: 1 black scallop with a champagne blossom, 1 grey scallop with a grey blossom and 1 black envelope with a black rose.  Each clutch was lined in a different cotton print and had a short and sweet message inside.  Hope you enjoy these Jessica!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

custom order for Camille

This custom order was created for Camille.  She ordered 8 purses for her bridesmaids, each unique in a colour scheme of soft bronze and burgundy.  Each clutch had a warm and thoughtful message inside customized for its recipient and was lined in a Victorian scroll cotton print.  She also ordered a scallop clutch in ivory with an ivory blossom for herself and had a ring pillow done in her colour scheme as well.

Hope you enjoy these Camille! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

custom order for Dana

 This custom order was created for Dana, the winner of the give-away I did with Weddings in Winnipeg last spring.  Dana chose charcoal grey dupioni silk as the main colour of her clutches and lime green rose brooches as her accent colour.  Each purse had the recipients initials and the wedding date on a silk tag inside.