Monday, May 17, 2010

Handmade Wedding Dress

Yay, so I did hit my 100th sale with just over a week before the big move back to Canada.  When I get back and settled in Canada I am going to do a give-away to celebrate, so stay tuned!

I haven't had much time to spend in either of my Etsy stores lately because of all the packing and organizing, but I feel like I have some time to devote to a little blog post.  I haven't blogged much on this blog yet so I might as well start with a little history.

May brings back some sewing memories for me.  Two years ago in May I was a newly engaged woman planning a July wedding with a fiancĂ©e away for most of the planning process.  We knew we were going to have a small wedding and decided to do it in my parents backyard.  Since it wasn't going to be too formal of an affair I thought, "why don't I make my own dress?"

A simple statement, but a simple task it was not!  I had barely any sewing experience except for a home economics class in grade 7 and I had made three fold over clutches for fun one summer during university.  But this fact didn't cross my mind.  I ended up altering a dress pattern to a design I had in mind and had a lot of help from my friend Katie, my Aunt Lillian and my mom.  My Husband-to-be's grandmother gave me a few yards of white silk that her husband purchased in China many years ago.  

There were a lot of fitting problems, especially in the bodice and as a last ditch effort to save the dress 1 week before the wedding I cut the bodice off and made my dress into a two piece ensemble.  It was just crazy, super stressful and I kept wondering why I decided to make my own dress.  Thinking back, I know there are a million things I would have done differently having the sewing experience I have now.  But it was special, getting to walk down the aisle in a dress you and your friends and family had a part in the making of.  Making that dress was the beginning of what I hope will be a long and fulfilling career in sewing/designing.  


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moving Sale

My husband Andrew is a Master of Jazz Trumpet now!  His graduation ceremony is in two short weeks and then we are hitting the dusty trail back to Canada!  We are very excited to go home.  Well we are renting a big truck to carry back all of our stuff, we are still looking at ways to lighten the load.  So, I decided to have a sale!  All of my "ready to ship" clutches are 40% off, around $40.00.  Some are still on sale at 50% off as well.  Visit here to take a look.  Hopefully I'll hit my 100th sale before I leave Boston!